Loving people to life

We believe that every life matters and exist to love people back to life, relentlessly pursuing the freedom and restoration of every person. Our aim is to leave a legacy of freedom, dignity, justice, strength and love.

Jenny Gilpin

City Hearts Founder

Our Vision

City Hearts was founded with the aim to help and support vulnerable women with the motivation to reach a turning point in life. Since then we have started numerous projects with a view to fulfilling this aim. Projects include a 24-hour residential Recovery Programme and multiple houses across the UK offering support to the Victims of Human Trafficking.
City Hearts exists to provide hope to the most vulnerable, with the goal of loving them to life. In 2011, we became part of the national support provision helping Victims of Human Trafficking. Currently we offer three locations across the UK for accommodation and support to men, women and families caught up in the travesty of trafficking.